Phoodle Game

Meet the new version of Wordle for food lovers! The rules are simple. Your task is to find a daily 5-letter word about the theme of food. Use your imagination because the game dictionary includes various food terms and definitions, including devices, chef names and much more. You have six attempts to find the correct answer. Colored tips will help you advance in the game. Play Phoodle and check your culinary knowledge!

How to play Phoodle?


Tap any letter at the bottom of the grid to start typing a word. All guesses should be food-related.


Press the “Enter” button to submit the answer.


Use color clues to progress in the game. If tiles are green, then the correct letters are placed in the right positions. Yellow tiles mean that the correct letters are placed in the wrong spots. If the tiles are gray, it means that these letters are not used in a word.


Click the “Backspace” button to delete mistakenly written letters.


You have six chances to give the correct answer. If you guess right, you will see a confetti shower and a daily Phoodle fact.

Did you like Phoodle Game?

Phoodle is a food-themed word puzzle inspired by cookbook author Julia Lauria. She has created a large culinary dictionary with culinary terms from ingredients to celebrity chefs. The rules are the same as in Wordle, but with one major difference. In Phoodle, all terms are related to food and cuisine. When creating the game, Julia Loria tried to combine her two passions - food and word games. Her goal is to give food lovers the opportunity to test their knowledge and make young people fall in love with cooking. The daily word is updated in the game every 24 hours. As a bonus, Phoodle offers interesting food facts and tips based on Phoodle's daily words. This game quickly became popular among food lovers all over the world.